Businesses pursue different marketing strategies and produce various marketing materials to reach their consumers. Knowing that consumers are attracted to visually appealing material has produced great-looking aesthetically-designed brochures and marketing peripherals that attract potential consumers.

However, with rapidly developing digital technology, even websites with both images and textual information may not be enough to engage new audiences and keep the attention of regular consumers. Plus, with social media sites increasingly becoming popular for teens unto the more senior population, companies also have to keep up with its audiences’ shifting interests and ever-shortening attention span.

Short of being controversial, businesses can attract potential consumers and keep them engaged through another popular technology – video productions.

A Cheaper Way to Keep Audiences Engaged

Video productions may sound expensive because the concept is similar to 10-second TV commercials. However, with the current technology, there are a lot of ways your business can produce its own video without incurring huge cost. There are a lot of companies that provide video production as part of their services.

Also, unlike TV commercials, you can use your existing resources to produce your video. You can use your own office instead of renting a studio; you can use images of your own employees and work space to showcase your services and products. You can even use your own voice in the video.

Finally, you can use your marketing peripherals to direct your consumers to your video. You can use your existing website or host it on another site to broadcast your video or you can distribute it to your customers through CDs. This means that you don’t’ have to pay a dime to get a slot on TV programs, but you’ll have an organic way to get your message across.

A Multi-Tasking Tool to Reach Out and Be Known

Video productions are a versatile way to present your message, information about your company, and your products and services, to ask your consumers to respond to your questions, or even just to provide them updates to an ongoing activity such as a contest or promotion.

Various companies have used video productions in a variety of ways. Some businesses even use their own personnel to talk directly to their consumers telling them about the company and how their products and services help their consumers.

Video productions can also be used to reach back to your company. Once your message gets across, your consumers can also use videos to respond to you. There are video contests, video testimonials, and even video cover letters to hire new recruits. So, you can try a video recruitment spiel next time you’re looking for new personnel.

A Personal Channel of Possibilities

With video production, you can pretty much put in anything you need to serve your purpose. You can be informative by putting in text as in a PowerPoint presentation. You can be illustrative, instructional, or appealing if that is your goal. Plus, you can put in images and effects that may not even be available to you or may not be possible in real life. These special effects can serve to create greater impact on your viewers.

Most importantly, video productions can be personal. You may want to tell your viewers how your company has come to grow in the industry, but you don’t have the budget to reenact the whole scenario. However, with today’s video production technology, this is already possible through virtual environments via a green screen. You can film your video in the middle of summer and have it snow in the video, so you can broadcast it for winter. Or you can be making the video in your living room and have it look like you’re in another location.

By being able to add your own inputs and concepts in your video production, you can impart your business information to your audience not only in an engaging manner, but also in a deeper level than regular marketing peripherals can achieve.

Consumers will be more trusting of a face and/or voice communicating with them instead of just reading email or a brochure about your business. Thus, your next business strategy should involve a video production.