P.R. Inc.™ is a Texas-based company specialized in the production of marketing collateral, high end graphic design, web site development and four-color printing. We also offer media relations and other branding services as needed by our clients. We have a combined 20 years of experience in the technology sector.

Carl Thomas

CEO’s welcome

PR Inc. leverages  our expertise to create identities for companies who want to establish a distinguished visual presence to enhance their marketing collateral. Our talented team of graphic design artists consistently delivers optimal-design solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Whether marketing a product, promoting a brand, or pursuing any other business matter, a professional design is crucial to the effective presentation of your value proposition.

When we build your corporate identity, we create stunning visuals to provide your potential customers with a memorable impression of your company. Beyond aesthetics, we ensure that our work helps you reach your business goals, for the short and long term. If we are establishing a Web presence, installing back-end technology or developing printed brochures, you can be assured that the final product will strategically fit into your business plans. In other words, we do much more than merely help you look good, we ensure our solutions work for you.

We  know you  will enjoy your P.R. Inc. experience.

Carl Thomas CEO

Why P.R. Inc.™

The difference between us and many other design firms is that we determine where our clients want to be in the long term and create corporate material that will help them get there. In other words, we make it work. P.R. Inc. doesn’t just make you look good. We ensure that our work is an integral part of your company’s plan for the future, whether it’s your business cards, your Web site, your trade show booth or your brochure.

To communicate the value proposition of a complex sale most effectively, collateral material requiring a diverse range of skill sets is necessary – incorporating elements from graphic design, PR, technical writing, sales and marketing among others. Finding a full-time employee who is proficient in these disciplines can be cost prohibitive to many companies. Further, many agencies in the sales & marketing industry have high retainers and offer only a portion of the services necessary to increase sales.

Compounding matters, many agencies primarily focus on the artistic and visual aspects of collateral development – those that provide services on a more sophisticated level are often cost prohibitive to small and midsized firms.

P.R. Inc. offers programs geared to help your company grow from the way we structure our service agreements to our strategic methodology. With PR Incorporated, you gain:

  • Extensive background in technology
  • Sales, marketing, PR and journalistic skill sets
  • Quality services at a affordable prices
  • Flexible service offerings-providing what you need, when you need it

View our services section for more information, or check out our portfolio section for our projects.

I have been working with P.R. Inc. for the past five years and could not be more pleased. They are exceptionally flexible, have unbelievably short turnaround times and have creative capabilities that stand up against firms many times their size. Carl and his team have done an excellent job of combining my specific requirements with their creative license to develop materials that, more often than not, exceed my expectations.
John Peketz, VP - Marketing eVerge Group
Through the work of P.R. Inc., eBankSystems now has the image of a company three times our size. Our Web site, sales material and other collateral are head and shoulders above our competition. I definitely feel as though their work will help us close more sales and shorten our sales cycle. I am extremely happy with what you have done for us. I could not have accomplished in three years what you have been able to do in the last 14 months! Let’s keep it up! We are better prepared to close business than we ever have in our 12 years, and it is all because of what you have done!
Tripp Boren, VP - Operations, eBankSystems

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