When planning your marketing strategy, printed materials always come to mind. Making sure you have customized print materials for all your marketing and business needs is part of any business strategy. Here are some ways in which print materials can be used in a handy and convenient way.

Business Cards

The first and foremost use of customized print materials is supplying business personnel with business cards to introduce themselves and identify the business. The business card should not only be informative, but also be visually appealing to grab attention. It should make the work of the business person easier when they introduce themselves to potential and existing customers and to clients.


A convenient and immediate way to create more interest for your business is to distribute flyers. Whether you’re announcing your newly opened business, informing customers about a new product, or encouraging them to participate in a sale, promotion,or even a contest, flyers are the easiest way to disseminate information.


Give more information about your business by providing customers with brochures. This handy reference material allows you to give your customers the information they need about your products and services in a glance. They can also look up your information anytime they want. If you frequently update your offerings with new products, then regularly providing your customers with a brochure will keep them looking forward to the next product you’re going to highlight in your brochure.


If you have a wide array of products that frequently changes or has regular additions, then a catalog is a comprehensive way to tell your customers all about them even when they don’t go to a store or visit your website.

A catalog is something they can carry around like a magazine and browse through at their convenience. An informed customer is more likely to visit your store to shop for items or visit your website to order.

Another advantage to catalogs is that customers can share them with their friends and family members and refer to them whenever they want to. Catalogs are usually thicker and bigger in size than brochures so they won’t get lost in a pile of mail like most flyers or brochures.

Big Scale Marketing Prints

Let’s not forget that established business utilize customized printing services on a bigger scale. These include posters, banners, tarpaulins, and even billboards. These can be bigger versions of the smaller print materials and generally they should have better quality images and more engaging layout.


These are usually used to announce sales, events, promos, and contests. Posters can contain targeted information similar to flyers or more detailed information similar to brochures. These are often displayed on stores and activity centers and also used on social network sites.

Banners & Tarpaulins

These are utilized mostly for announcements of events and displayed in high-traffic areas. Because of the location, banners usually have targeted content and only enough information that can be understood at a glance. However, some banners and tarpaulins in larger sizes may be designed to display more content.


Billboards are currently used as big advertisement spreads similar to a magazine spread. This is the most visually appealing of the big scale marketing print materials as it is mostly composed of very little text and a dominant image as background. The main purpose of this is to create a strong impression on the viewer and stimulate interest in the product or service.

Company Profile & Documents

Being presentable to your company’s clients is a must for every business and your company documents should be dressed to impress also. To enhance awareness for your business, you must make sure that all your company documents have your brand identity on it. These include your letterheads, envelopes, forms, contracts, product data sheets, order forms, invoices, and a whole lot more that you can think of. This is especially important for company profiles since these are usually the documents that you present initially when introducing your business to a new client.

Remember that your first endorsers are your employees, so everything they use in their work should have the company’s identity stamped on them. This encourages them to identify with the business and feel they belong with the company. And just like business cards, it also makes them easily identifiable by your clients and customers so they’ll find introducing themselves and their purpose easier.

These are just some of the popular ways customized print materials are used. Some companies also provide their employees with customized versions of regular merchandise such as calendars, coffee mugs, baseball caps, t-shirts, bags, and other items.

Whether you’re aiming to produce small-sized print materials or big-sized ones, an important factor in the success of these materials is the service provider you choose to work with. So be sure to choose a service provider that can deliver your requirements.