Here’s the scenario: plans for your new business website are ready for implementation by your design team and you’re excited about all the features; or you already have a business website but you’re not happy with it because customers don’t always visit it and the visits don’t necessarily convert into sales.

Your business website is the easiest way for your customers to access information about your company and to discover your products and services. So if your products and services are sound, then the next step to think about is how your website will present your business.

Going to a website is a personal experience for customers and if they find the journey irksome, they might never come back. So review your website plan or your current website and check if it provides customers the experience they are looking for.

Speedy Loading Time

Customers want to easily find what they are searching for when they are browsing a store. If you bar them at the door, they might decide to never knock again. So opening your website on most browsers should be a quick process—loading time should be 5 seconds or less.

One way to do this is to optimize images as well as videos for the web. This allows you to display images and video in quality resolution while reducing the file size for faster loading time.

Clear Navigation and Search

Getting lost anywhere, even online, is never a pleasant experience. Make sure that your navigation menu is simple to understand and information is available in just one or two clicks.

Organize your content so it is easy to understand and access. Group similar content together under one main category and provide links to the related sub-categories.

If your navigation menu can’t handle all the information, then keep the most important ones there and provide a sitemap that customers can easily access to guide them through the site.

A search bar is also an important tool to help out visitors who want to find specific information. Links to social media profiles and your contact details should also be easily accessible. Some websites even have a “click to call” option for customers to call their business phone, or provide a “chat” option to connect with a customer service representative.

One Direction Scrolling

Customers are very familiar with blogs where they have to scroll down to view more articles. They are also quite used to navigating the wide pages of some ecommerce and news sites. In short, customers are willing to scroll down your website as long they do it in just one direction, not both. So decide if your website orientation is tall for scrolling down and up or wide for scrolling left and right.

Clear Call-To-Action Directives / Big Attractive Buttons

If you want your customers to do something, then make sure the call-to-action message captures gets their attention. Invite clear action calls by making sure links are colored so they are easily seen and buttons are big and appealing enough that they will want to click them.

Simple, Well-Organized Forms

Filling out forms is one of the online experiences that customers are not looking forward to. Ensure your forms are as simple as possible so customers don’t hesitate in filling them out. If a lot of information is needed, then provide an option to fill out the rest later.

Scalable / Mobile-Friendly Version

Most customers nowadays use their mobile phones to browse for products and services online. One of the requirements for websites is to be scalable enough to be viewed on a mobile phone or a tablet. Have a mobile-friendly version of the site with an option to view the regular website.

For the mobile version of the website, the same guidelines as above apply.

Take a close look at your website or your website design and see if they are utilizing these guidelines. An experienced website design and development team can give your website the treatment it needs to give your customers a pleasing experience which increases the likelihood these visitors will contact your company and convert to clients.

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