Businesses nowadays have all the tools and resources they need to reach their audience quickly and effectively. And with good marketing strategies, keeping customers interested and loyal to the brand has become more convenient as well.

Here are five (5) effective ways to reach your customers and keep them interested and updated about your products and services.

1. Printed Marketing Materials

The traditional strategy of handing out brochures, flyers and business cards to promote your business is still as effective as ever in today’s digital world. Customers still find it handy to have some information readily available to them while businesses will have an easier time showing,and not just telling, people about their products and services.

Here are the top 3 ways distributing printed marketing materials can benefit your business:

a. Handy way to provide and pass information along
Customers can easily pass it on to their friends and business Associates, so word of mouth about the business has higher chances of being generated.

b.  Visually appealing to customers
People are attracted to the visually interesting, so with images and text beautifully put together on your marketing materials, it is easier to ask potential customers to take a look and listen to what your business has to offer.

c. Personalized approach
Customers will appreciate the personalized effort put into your marketing materials whenever they receive it, especially if it is beautifully designed and your sales people will have an easier time interacting with potential and existing customers.

2. Website Design and Development

Websites are undoubtedly one of the best ways to create customer awareness of your business. You can customize its look as well as its functionalities to cater to your business needs as well as to provide for your customers requirements.

So how does a website benefit your business?

a.  Visually appealing to customers
One of the first ways customers become attracted to your business is when they are interested enough to view your website. If they like what they see, they will usually make the effort to explore more. So just like printed materials, a beautiful website design is important to grab your customers’ attention.

b. Convenient way to update information
One major advantage of a website over printed materials is that you can easily update information on a website in just a few clicks. It also costs less than printing new materials .

c. Marketing and media portal
Your website already acts as your online marketing department and your social media department as well. Aside from being easy to update information, it is also convenient to link your website to your social media portals so your customers know where to find you when they’re online.

3. Video Presentations & Video Production

Video productions are a popular way to inform customers about your business. You can turn your printed marketing materials into a video and you can also post your video on your website. Some businesses require a video to go with their products so customers can have a guide on using it and also its benefits.

Here are the top three (3) ways videos can benefit your business:

a. Engaging way to communicate
Keep your customers engaged not just by telling them about your products and services but by actually showing them what it’s all about. You can even tell a story in your presentation. People are interested in stories more than just learning the facts.

b. Share online and offline conveniently
What’s great about video presentations is you can share them easily. You can post them on your website and on your social networks for customers to view and even download. You can also reproduce them on DVD and distribute to your sales persons and customers.

c. Easy to make and customize
With the right technology, video productions are easy to create. You can film your video in your own office or home and use another background for the actual video. If you’ve heard of green screens for films, the same technology is available for your video productions.  You just need to find the right service provider.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Network Sites (SNS)

There are other ways to make sure your customers learn about your business, especially online.

Search engine optimization or SEO is a tried and tested way to help improve your website’s position in the search engine rankings, particularly Google, the most popular and largest search engine. The goal of SEO is to have your website information displayed on the first page of the search results so you have a higher chance of customers finding you instead of your competition when they search for the products and services that you already offer.

On the other hand, social network sites or SNS are a significant way to encourage more potential customers to visit your website and learn about your products and services.  Having a Facebook fan page, a Twitter account, or a YouTube channel are great ways to support your marketing campaign. Not only will this make it convenient for your customers to find you on their networks, it also helps improve your rankings in the search engines.

Check out the top three (3) ways that SEO and SNS can help your business:

a. Convenient way for customers to find you
With your own Facebook, Twitter and YouTube account, customers can conveniently find you and learn about your business whenever they log in to their accounts on these social network sites. Plus, there are other social network sites you can choose so you can reach a wider customer base.

b. Easy way to share and communicate
With social network sites, you can easily share updates about your business even if they don’t visit your website. Plus, you can use social network sites to ask customers their opinions about your products and services or a marketing program you are implementing.

c. Improve your rankings in the search engines
Search engines not only look for keywords on your website, they also check out your presence in social media as well. With good keywords in your website content and significant interactions with customers on your social media sites, you can improve your search engine rankings.

5. Corporate Branding

Corporate branding should be on the top of this list, but we’ve put it last because we want to emphasize its importance. Corporate branding is the concept behind all your marketing materials and campaign strategies. It ties all your marketing materials together so you give your customers a single, unique message about you and your business.

Corporate branding includes your logo, how your flyers and website are designed, how your videos are made and how your SEO and SNS strategies are created. Corporate branding gives all your marketing campaigns the consistency that is needed so your customers will instantly recognize your message and your business when you are lined up against the competition.

Thus, even before you start thinking of a marketing campaign, you need to determine your corporate identity and come up with a strong corporate brand image.

You’ll get several benefits from corporate branding, but here are the top three (3) benefits:

a. Consistency in your brand image
How would you like your customers to see you and your business? With corporate branding, you can communicate a consistent brand image to your customers making it easier for them to recognize your products and services and associate them with your business.

b. Effective marketing strategies
Your corporate brand image can help you narrow down the kind of goals you want your business to achieve so you can plan out the proper strategies to reach these goals.

c. Strengthen your brand image
A consistent brand image helps to strengthen your business’ image so you can be easily recalled by customers. A strong brand image also means you can expect more interactions from your customer base and you can use the feedback to improve your next product, service or marketing campaign. If you want to be “top-of-mind” when your customers think of a particular product or service, then you need to strengthen your corporate brand.

These are the five (5) most important ways you can reach your customers, generate more interest about your business and retain your customers. Of course, one of the most important factors in implementing any of these methods is to find an experienced and capable service provider for each or all of these.