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COLOR NATION: The Power of Color in Business and Leadership!

Color Nation Book & companion guide by Linda Thomas

Learning how the colors we wear impact others in your workplace is a powerful and essential tool for anyone’s personal success and effectiveness. Any color we wear can and will cause a reaction in other people. The colors you wear can mean the difference between a promotion, closing a deal, being influential, or losing it all. Linda shares fantastic stories to demonstrate the psychological and physiological reactions people have to color. Her recently published book named “Color Nation: The Power of Color in Business and Leadership” reveals 10 years of research and stories on this important subject. The Companion Guide is a quick reference booklet for comparing colors meanings to the clothes in your closet or when you go shopping.

Whether presenting to seasoned professionals, new hires or college students ready to enter the work force, Linda delivers handy information all audiences will remember and value from that day forward.

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